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Background Information

Lengwe National Park is a national park in Malawi located near the town of Chikwawa and about 40 miles southwest of Blantyre. It is the home of the reclusive Nyala antelope. The climate of Lengwe is hot and dry, and the only source of consistent water is from the rain. Many man-made water holes have been constructed to attract and maintain the animal population.

Though there are predators in the park in the form of leopards and hyena, it is antelope which will be more often seen. These include what is rare for Malawi, the very beautiful nyala. Nowhere else in southern Africa is it seen so far north. Magnificent kudu also roam the park as do common duiker, the small Livingstone’s suni, bushbuck and impala. Baboon, monkey, warthog, bushpig and buffalo are also seen in the park. The birdlife of Lengwe is attractive with about 300 or so species recorded. These include some fairly rare birds, some seen nowhere else in Malawi.

Best time to Visit: The Park can be visited anytime of the year

By Road: Lengwe National park is found in the lower Shire river valley. It is easily accessed by road from Blantyre 80km and is near the Malawi western border with Mozambique.