Why Us

For many choosing Africa as a holiday destination, where to travel can be a confusing affair. The choices are multiple and varied, from beach holidays (Diani – Kenya or Zanzibar – Tanzania) Wildlife safaris, cultural experiences, volunteerism or even a simple city break (Cape Town- South Africa). If you can’t decide and want a mix of everything then our experienced staff will provide to you amazing African experience of a lifetime

  • We have an experienced team on the ground who handle operations for our destinations
  • Our specialities are

    Undiscovered corners of East Africa

  • Lake Turkana – discover the stark beauty of the Jade sea and fascinating El Molo people
  • Meru National Park – The home of Elsa & lions of the born free fame
  • Selous National Park,Tanzania
  • Semliki National Park, Uganda
  • Akagera Park – Rwanda

Adventure Travels

  • Cycling tours
  • Walking & hiking expeditions
  • Cultural travel

Self drive safaris in Kenya & Uganda
Special journeys

  • Travel around Lake Victoria
  • Rift valley lakes tour (e.g. Magadi, Bogoria, Baringo)
  • Ornithological safaris
  • Water Rafting Challenge on River Nile (Uganda) & Sagana (Kenya)
  • Trekking through Magadi into Maasai Mara

City Breaks

  • Township tours
  • Culinary trips

  • Focus on the less crowded areas
  • Focus on sustainable, conservation and walking safaris possible
  • 24 hours turnaround time
  • Total flexibility with our safari options - we make your safari dream true.
  • Hands on operations, we are a small company that gives an excellent personalised service with guarantees
  • Well trained and experienced guides who posses excellent driving skills and have a broad knowledge of the history, geography, cultures, wildlife & birds of East Africa
  • All clients are met and assisted upon arrival
  • Emergency air evacuation if needed – in conjunction with Amref Flying doctors services

  • Who we are


    Adventure Expeditions is a company founded on a passion for exclusive travel and a passion to bring magnificent experiences while travelling to Africa closer to you with a wide array of encounters with our outstanding wildlife and cultural experiences.

    We tailor-make itineraries to suit your exact requirements without leaving dents in your pockets coz travel is supposed to be fun. Our team of travel experts are always at hand to help you make the right choice when it comes to places you want to visit so that you have a holistic experience as you balance between culture, wildlife, local hospitality and best culinary arts on the planet.

    Our consultants have travelled far and wide and have exclusive knowledge of all their recommendations in terms of best hotels, lodges or camps that will suit you. We know all the travel secrets, hidden gems, pitfalls to watch out for and we can’t wait to share this experience with you. Find them in our blog.

    Africa is our home and so we are passionate about the continent, its people, the wildlife, the great safari potential the continent projects and we try our best to put forward best practices to help uplift the lives of the communities that depend on Africa as well as leave a “Green” footprint behind. We're at your service.

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    Richard Adika

    Born in the “Eastlands”area of Nairobi, where he was seeing the Mombasa – Nairobi train stopover at the Makadara station next to his school. He remembers everyone in class watching in awe as the train stopped and we only continued class once the train moved onward to its final station about 7km away in the city center. “This was the moment I realized travel is magical and how it brings you to other places - it got me thinking of the ocean, the rivers, mountains and forests that the train went through. The “unknown” started a spark that would become my passion. After many years of managing other safari companies and having met Diana, Richard ventured out and founded Adventure Expeditions. His two decades in tourism brings a deep knowledge of safari offerings, connections and tested skills to the company.

    Diana Schreiber

    Born in former East Germany it was unbelievable for Diana that she will ever put a foot on the African continent. After the wall came down Diana studied business and economics and later she founded her own company a business and tax consultancy firm for creative people. She used all her spare time to travel and lost her heart in Africa. Diana was changing her life and selling her company when she met Richard. Spontaneously she joined him at Adventure Expeditions and brings sound management principles and the view from the customer perspective into the company


    You can ask questions, request more information, or share a comment by dropping us a note at info@adventureandexpeditions.com or filling out the form on this page.